These clients thought they wanted a pink dodger, which translated into a request for something unique and allowed total design freedom. The resulting color combination turned into something unusual for a dodger, or any project really. Using Stamoid Open, Sattler® Ash, Sunbrella® Black Binding and Tempotest® Carbon Fiber, the project mixed 90-degree corners on the top with curves on the bottom, and the design tied the whole thing together. Despite the size of the dodger, using white strategically makes it look like part of the boat, so the dodger doesn’t overtake the natural beauty of the Oceanis.

Even Keel Canvas LLC
El Segundo, Calif., U.S.A.

Project name: Model X 

Materials: Stamoid Open by Serge Ferrari, Sattler/Outdura® Ash, Sunbrella® Black Binding, and Tempotest® Carbon Fiber.

Fabricator, Designer & Installer: Whitney Carman