Giveaway Submission Form

Giveaways are items such as rolls of fabric, tools, marine-related products, gift cards and more that are donated by suppliers and then raffled off and used as prizes at the annual Marine Fabricators Conference. Please complete the form below to enter your donation.

  • Create a submission form for each event you would like the item offered for.
  • Only exhibitors may provide giveaway items.
  • Giveaway submission deadline: January 1, 2024.
  • Value of items must be a minumum of $20 and may not be a coupon or discount offer.

Please try to keep this short. There is limited space on the website for giveaway names. If you are giving away multiple things that should be given out seperately please put in a submission for each item or set of items. If you are giving out multiple items that should be given together please keep them together in one submission.